Welcome to my online home!  Come on in and explore the house.  I've got music, photos, blog posts, and some other interesting stuff to peruse.  So make yourself at home, make a mess, and have a ball!  
- Patrick 

Thanks for all the love on our new single!!  

La Patilla and I are super pumped about all the positive feedback we received from you guys yesterday.  Thanks for making our release a blast! Keep sharing it and spread the love. :)  I've posted it below in case you haven't heard it yet.  


To my new friends in SC, VA, and GA. 

This is just a quick note to say thank you for your hospitality and the good conversations at my three shows with Adam Sams in Greenville, Lynchburg, and Atlanta.  You've energized and inspired me.

This is why I make music.  Aside from the fun of creating something and aside from the release of expressing something or just telling a story, it's really just an ice breaker.  Without a medium to bring us together... would we just pass on the street, two strangers unaware?

 In the coming months there will be new songs released, new shows announced, new adventures to share, and hopefully some things we could never anticipate.  If there's anything in particular you'd like to hear or just wanna chat, connect with me online, and we will. 

Here's to friendship! And love! And adventure!

- Patrick Taylor


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