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- Patrick 

"Doors" - Thoughts on the eve of this new year 

There's an aspect to this current life—a facet among many—which is the clearest. What to call it, I just don't know. The clarity of pure being perhaps. The transparency of a satiatingly stripped mode of existence. The blankness of a moment un-yanked-upon by past and future threads. So when I stand at the edge of a thousand-foot precipice and taste the icy air through my nose and my feet tingle---that moment is a door opening to the heart of God.

What happens when the heart of hearts pulses in non-space? It's impossible to meaningfully ask “where?” when the answer keeps coming back in paradox, “everywhere; nowhere.” A billion times you've heard this; still, sometimes the door opens, and the creaky hinges holding language up finally budge, and you can glimpse into the temple. There is the black heart of light enthroned; you cower and weep, wrestling with your own non-being. You realize you cannot possess your own heart. The snakeskin slides off and from the tangled mess rises a single point of entity-non-entity. What does “you” or “I” mean in that temple? What word can be louder than silence in that place?

Keep the hinges oiled on every word you use. Keep their door function in deep remembrance. Words do not stand on their own. Words do not 'mean' on their own. Keep the doors opening regularly and they will not jam. Move toward the space beyond form consistently and it grows wider and wider. The infinite never runs out of things to show, of silent stories to tell.

When looking back from within the temple through the doors of language upon the world of form, a spontaneous realization occurs: all names are God's name. All words are doors to infinity. Upon reentering form, the realization of freedom from language sets in. Words do not “mean” on their own! The only meaning is ever God! Always the heart of things is the first cause, being and non being, responsible for emergence: no... manifest in emergence. No... revealed in emergence. No... yes.... all of the above... none of the above... language isn't getting it. This infinite thing which is in/out/everywhere/nowhere/everything/nothing is so far beyond language that it becomes evident that the praises of humanity are really only the gibberish a child mutters through wide eyes when discovering the milky way strewn across the sky. So here we are, in awe. A superorganism in love with the nothing-thing which created it---itself veiled in mystery. This is the fear of God. It is wonder, awe, love, yearning, satisfaction---even actual fear. The coexistence of the fear of and a desire for dissipation into the infinite bosom of God. Love that. Live that. Do not fear that fear. It is even another door into the corridor-thread of divine breath which ties you directly to God. On your journey toward the infinite, “you” will die. It will be the best thing You have ever done.



New Single exclusively for mailing list members! 

Hi guys!  Okay... so later this week I'll be releasing a new recording of my song "Overrun" exclusively for my mailing list members.  Go ahead and get on the list, then in a few days you'll receive a private Soundcloud link where you can download it for free.  I think it might be my favorite home recording I've done to date, so don't miss out on it. :)   Go to my homepage (patricktaylormusic.com) and enter your email.  That's all it takes.  

Much love.  


To my new friends in SC, VA, and GA. 

This is just a quick note to say thank you for your hospitality and the good conversations at my three shows with Adam Sams in Greenville, Lynchburg, and Atlanta.  You've energized and inspired me.

This is why I make music.  Aside from the fun of creating something and aside from the release of expressing something or just telling a story, it's really just an ice breaker.  Without a medium to bring us together... would we just pass on the street, two strangers unaware?

 In the coming months there will be new songs released, new shows announced, new adventures to share, and hopefully some things we could never anticipate.  If there's anything in particular you'd like to hear or just wanna chat, connect with me online, and we will. 

Here's to friendship! And love! And adventure!

- Patrick Taylor


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